About Passion Unleashed

We started Passion Unleashed to teach others our own passion for dog grooming. It is a talent that demands an eye for detail, strong stamina, a creative mind, and of course, a passion for animals. With over fifteen years of experience, we vow to teach in detail every piece of knowledge we have to offer. Located in the heart of Hickory, North Carolina, we offer a unique class schedule and way of teaching unlike any other.


Our Class


We understand that schedules can be quite demanding with work, home life, etc, therefore, class can be scheduled at your convenience during the mornings of Tuesday through Saturday. You are in control of how fast or how slow you would like to accomplish the classes. We do require students to attend at least two morning classes per week.

Our Staff


Our classes and book work are taught by our head groomer, Cassandra Starnes, who has over fifteen years of experience. Book work and scheduling is handled by her assistant, Angela Pless. Both have incredible amounts of knowledge to provide each of our students. Students are also working along side other professional groomers who have been taught by Cassandra Starnes as well.

Our Requirements


Students are required to have a true passion for animals. Students are required to complete 200 hours worth of classes to receive a certificate of achievement and pass all tests, including final exam. Students are required to attend each class with an opened mind and a willingness to learn a lot of information and technique. For tuition costs, please send us an email!

What makes us different?


Reading about dog grooming will only get you so far. Yes, book is a requirement, and is needed to learn specific information. However, it is our determination to teach students within the actual setting of a grooming salon, with real working employees, numerous dogs to learn on, as we feel students learn best within a hands-on setting. With this technique to teaching, students work closely underneath Cassandra and Angela to ensure you are receiving the absolute best teachings, as well as learning to work along side other professional groomers.